Saturday, November 12, 2011

French Wing Chair

About a week ago on a cold rainy evening (again?), we drove all the way to Ajax to pick up this antique French wing chair. I couldn't believe the price tag (cheap) when I found out this mint-conditioned chair was made by Ethan Allen in the 1930's (that's right, shortly after the company was founded). Although the fabric color is less than desirable, the chair has great bone and elegant lines.

The Kelly Wing Chair at the Cross Design is almost identical to this chair, but look at the price tag ($3,295)! I however believe this is how much a chair of this craftsmanship and style should cost.
The Kelly Wing Chair from The Cross Design
Now it comes down to the re-upholstery. I could paint the frame white (though I really hope I don't talk myself into doing so just to preserve the vintage value) and use a similar grey color tone fabric. Or I could leave the frame as is, and have it upholstered in a natural/parched cotton twill/linen like this.
Or how about going all out to do something like this -- turquoise dupioni fabric with distressed white frame? 
Decor Pad
So which combination do you like the most? Any other suggestions on fabrics?
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