Tuesday, April 10, 2012

L'OCCITANE en Provence

The first time I learnt about L'Occitane brand was years ago when I went to a lady's house to pick up some antique framed arts she was selling on CList. We got chatty, and I found out she, originally from Lyon, was the one that brought L'Occitane en Provence into Canada from France...how cool was that?! She ran the company for a few years as the President and later resigned to run their own supply chain company with her husband.

After that I decided to give the brand a try, and was since hooked! I particularly like their Lavender line, and I tell ya, L'Occitane carries one of the best lavender fragrances among all organic beauty products. And ladies, we are not talking about Yardley London's lavender lotion my grandma uses, rather it's the most soothing and faithful lavender fragrance you'd ever smell, very similar to the Primavera ones at Saffron Rouge.

This came in today's mail -- their Lavender Foaming Bath is to die for, and as a loyal customer, you will always get pleasant surprises! For example, I only paid for the foaming bath and hand lotion in the picture, everything else is free (except for the L'Othantique bath salt)!

Another perk of using L'Occitane is that their bottles are always so pretty and presentable that they will add elegant details to your bath retreat. As a matter of fact, I am doing just that by displaying a few things on the Restoration Hardware's Lugarno glass shelf once my bathroom reno is over.  

So, have you ever tried L'Occitane? Do you believe in the effectiveness of organic and sustainable beauty products other than the make-you-feel-good?

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