Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tiles Are Laid

Six days into our bathroom renovation, our contractor finally got around to laying the floor and wall tiles. I am pretty happy with how the Carrara Basketweave Carpet Accent turned out on the floor.

Immediately behind the Carrara Basketweave Carpet will be the freestanding tub.

In addition to the shenanigans with the shower set I mentioned the other day, another speed bump I ran into is the vanity. It's still sitting at a spray paint shop as we speak. One paint shop could finish the job within  a couple of weeks but they only had Benjamin Moore's Cloud White which is not white enough for me. Basides they would charge $900 because they would have to order in the Chantilly Lace color I wanted. Another paint shop the vanity was sent to would use the Chantilly Lace for a lot less than $900, and the paint shop owner promised it would be done by mid April. The owner of the bath store where I ordered the vanity from has been chasing after the paint shop for me on a daily basis, so there is really nothing I could do but to keep my fingers crossed. Not a good position to be in, I tell ya.

We are getting a day off from the reno tomorrow so I am looking forward to a quiet lunch with hubs at our regular spot.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

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