Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Barcelona - Gaudi's Dragon

We started our two-week Mediterranean trip from Barcelona, a city known for its unique blend of Art Nouveau and historic Catalonian architecture. Among many architects that made Barcelona so vibrant, Antoni Gaudi is undoubtedly the prominent one. Barcelona is like an outgoing and lively cousin of Paris, so rich in culture, colours, shapes and textures; there are endless things to see and do. And for that, I like it very much. As a matter of fact, Barcelona has quickly become my Top 3 European cities.

Gaudi was a master of fusing Moorish, oriental and gothic styles into his works. This is the famous Dragon at Park Güell, Gaudi's utopia. Gaudi used the Trencadis (mosaic) technique to maximize the light reflection of the objects.

This is another "Dragon" of Gaudi's, at the same Park Güell, the Serpentine Bench.

Gaudi's Residence's at Parc Guell.

The rooftop of Casa Batlló is covered in Dragon scale-like tiles.

The other side of the Dragon covered in Trencadis on the roof terrace of Casa Batlló.

On each side of the Nativity Façade of Sagrada Familia there is a chameleon which symbolizes change.

The street light glass shades in the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic) have dragon scale crackles.

An Art Deco dragon outside of an old umbrella shop on La Rambla.

Last but not least, yours truly (I was born in a Dragon year) near Plaça Reial. I just realized I need to smile more for the camera.

So have you been to Barcelona? How do you like it? How many dragons did you spot throughout the city?

Gothic Quarter

Casa Mila La Pedrera

Wish my fellow Canadians a happy Canada Day long weekend. I am going to bake a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing to celebrate.

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