Thursday, June 20, 2013

In The Mail Today: Gold Imari Peacock Jar

You know I like to add some vintage and Chinoiserie touch to my décor here and there. Just before I left for our vacation I ordered this vintage jar by Gold Imari from Snug Snuggery on Etsy. Gold Imari exported a large quantity of Imari porcelain in Kinrande style in the early 1900's. Kinrande Imari is an ever-popular porcelain ware among vintage collectors, and fairly available in North America. However, it took me a while to find this particular piece - the phoenix lidded jar/urn in blue and gold over-glaze. The pattern is so intricate and vivid: a pair of phoenix/peacocks on one side, peonies & plum (or cherry) blossoms all around. And since every piece is 100% hand-painted, you are never going to find two identical pieces of the same design. That's why they make great collector items.

The same jar also comes in emerald green (which I really want to collect as well) and canary yellow.

I also found a vase in similar pattern in the same emerald green so I will post some photos when it arrives.

So, do you like to collect vintage décor accessories? Are you a fan of Chinoiserie design?

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