Thursday, July 4, 2013

Feeling Royal...

As a follow-up to my post on the Bone China debate, I've decided it's a good investment and picked up 8 place settings during Hudson Bay's Bay Days sale.

The Royal Doulton's Signature Platinum Collection: I love the simple, clean and elegant lines. I can't wait to display them in my new hutch.

I am waiting for soup/pasta bowls to go on sale before I can complete the collection.

I don't like the shape of the teapot set from Royal Doulton's Signature Platinum Collection, so I picked up this coffeepot set from William Ashley's VIP warehouse sale back in May - the Royal Worcester's Cello Platinum Collection. I think they will work with RD's collection just fine.

The coffeepot and the sugar bowl were at 70% off during the warehouse sale, but the cream jug was out of stock, and since the Cello Platinum Collection has been discontinued, William Ashley would never carry it again. I thought long and hard and decided to take a chance and look for the creamer from somewhere else. After all, how could I pass a 70%-off sale right?

After a long search online, I finally found the cream jug from China Presentations, a UK-based company, and the crazy part is, they only had ONE in stock. It cost me a lot more than the warehouse price after shipping but it was totally worthwhile.
Btw, have you ever been to a William Ashley's warehouse sale? I would strongly recommend you go first thing in the morning: it gets really busy later in the day and people have to line up to get inside; a huge sale likely brings out the combative spirit in people and they are super competitive (and not so nice) as they try to get to the best deals before running out; I had a few ladies run their carts into me from behind because their attention was obviously somewhere else and they didn't even bother to apologize before moving on to their bargain hunting; their "quality inspection" is not always airtight so don't take their words and make sure you open up your box to inspect the stuff personally. I had to sent my coffeepot back right on the spot because the lid was from a different (but similar) collection, and somehow that passed their QA!

Now I just need to figure out how to display them in the hutch, and I am definitely feeling royal! :)
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