Wednesday, July 10, 2013

West Mediterranean - Coasts

First of all, I hope those that live in the Toronto area are not affected much by the storm from Monday. We had a record-high (123mm to be exact) amount of rain within 2-hour span which triggered massive flooding in the downtown core, subways and other transit lines, as well as power outage for over 300,000 people. We were fortunate that the storm barely missed us and other than heavy downpour it was uneventful.

Now onto my blog post.

The West Mediterranean is known for its striking coastlines and colorful stucco houses with red tile roof. These are some photos from our recent trip.
Amalfi Coast near Sorrento, Napoli.

Marseille bird's eye view from Notre de la Garde, Marseille's highest natural point. 

Marseille marina.

This is not along the coast but nonetheless impressive, the famous Porto Vecchio Bridge in Firenze.

I picked up a watercolour painting featuring this bridge from a local artist Azad Nanakeli from Studio d'Arte. 

It's now sitting among some of my travel art collections in my home office.

I like to collect paintings by local artists, coasters and (museum and gallery) books as travel souvenirs. What about you?

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