Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Whatever Mama Wants

Mama gets, and that's how it goes here at AM Dolce Vita. Remember this pair of Bergere chairs I picked up a few months ago? Well, Mom saw them, tried them for comfort, liked the almost-new upholstery, didn't like the fact I wanted to have them reupholstered, and asked if she could have them. And poof! just like that, they went home with her and I was left with no chairs to upcycle. 

I am a big believer of best things happen when one least expects it. I came across this pair of antique French Louis XV chairs when I was randomly browsing on CList. I expected them to be banged up because they were so cheap - I mean, really cheap; they probably just didn't show in the pictures! I picked up the phone and called the owner and the rest is history. 

They are not just in good condition, the frames are in excellent and almost in mint condition. I wanted to change the upholstery anyway so the stained needlepoint fabric didn't bother me at all. 

They will be going to Paint it Like New! for a few fresh coats of paint, and in meanwhile I will start to pick out a new fabric. Louis XV chairs are vintage decor staples, and I am so happy that I have a pair that will truly reflect my style. 

P.S. I use the terms Bergere, French Louis, Louis XV interchangeably. They are all French Rococo style derivatives. Check out their differences here if you are interested. 

On an unrelated note, I decided to keep the seahorse lucite table lamp and found a new place for it - on the bombe chest in the upper hall. Kinda like it there. 

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