Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Whole Enchilada

Welcome to April! Spring is finally in sight and I am really liking this milder and sunnier weather this week. RIP, winter!

Can you believe I've been so busy lately that I completely missed the OOAK show? Fortunately, I was able to get a sneak peak into all the highlights and lowlights of the event from a few of my favourite bloggers' posts.

Home front, the serial decorating saga continues. I have pretty much decided to use the Windsor Smith Pelagos fabric for these two Louis XV chairs. I have enough remnant from these drapes in our master bedroom, and still like the fabric so why not put them to use right? I also know exactly how the chairs are going to turn out because of this upcycled piece by Switch Studio.
Picture courtesy of Switch Studio

The only question remains is the color of the frame - white?

Or black? Or Charcoal, a darker shade than the first picture? Which color frame would you go for with this fabric?

Now onto the mirror. While I still like how it looks over the mantel in my living room, I find it stands out more than I wanted it to be. Not that it's a bad thing because a statement piece like this mirror deserves to be a showoff. I relocated it to the dining room, and I think it works so much better over the dark sideboard flanked by two polished nickel buffet lamps. The Louis Philippe gilt mirror, the crystal chandelier, the vintage painting and all the transitional style furniture contribute nicely into a Parisian-chic theme. So the mirror stays there, for now. And the Paris flea market chandelier dilemma, gone. Crisis averted!

This past weekend I picked up a pair of these Visual Comfort polished nickel table lamps at HomeSense. I couldn't believe the price tag! I paid and rushed out of the store into my car just like this Ikea "Start the Car" commercial. Just kidding.

I still couldn't find the name of this lamp on VC web site. I will send you a special thank you if you can track it down for me. :)

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