Sunday, April 20, 2014

Laundry Mudroom Closet Organization

It's been a pretty relaxing weekend for us. It started with a "uplifting" golden-spoon facial for me at my regular spa hangout (have you tried it? It's amazing!). 

Then a few dips into the hot springs in Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain up in the Collingwood area.

We were all energized and refreshed when we came home last night, and today we tackled a small project. 

We have an entrance into the house through our laundry room from our garage, but unfortunately that means our laundry room is also our mudroom. And this tiny multipurpose room has a tiny closet - seriously I don't know what the builder was thinking - this is a 5,000 sq ft house we are talking about - and they couldn't have planned a bigger closet in this high traffic space?!

We have so many closets throughout the house including a massive wall-to-wall one in our basement, but I hate to spread off-season shoes and accessories throughout them. Because out of sight out of mind, I probably won't remember to bring them out and wear them again next year. 

Our tiny mudroom closet

The laundry/mudroom is sunken. The height of the closet is at least 13 feet so we have a lot of vertical space we are yet to put to use. 

So today we made good use of this piece of premium real estate by adding a second shelf in the closet. 

A simple shelf made a big difference - not only was I able to pack away all the winter boots and accessories in the same closet, I was also able to display some dressy heels which I don't wear every day. 

The second shelf also made room for in-season stuff. 

I just realized how many scarves I have for one season! Sunglasses and scarf are what I won't leave home without. 

And now all the clutter is behind one single door. I don't need to worry about forgetting what I have stowed away in other closets any more. 

The opposite wall is the main laundry area. Chaos averted, order restored. 

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