Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bed and Bath

The furnishing and decorating our newly-finished basement is nowhere near complete. But for now I will share some pictures of the WIP bathroom and bedroom.

First up is the additional guest bedroom we added in the basement. We retired our old bed down there, and replaced with an upholstered one (more to come on the bed soon). The Imperial Trellis-alike bedding set was a score from a local HomeSense.

Remember the massive 4-door closet I bragged about before? Well here it is. I might be able to fit my entire wardrobe in there!

Now comes the exciting part -- a new bathroom we also added in our basement. I realized how difficult it was to photograph an almost-all-white bathroom with a lot of reflective surfaces.

Things took an interesting turn one day after I ordered the Hutton vanity from Restoration Hardware. I found a wannabe from a local bath store for almost 50% less. It was only natural for a deal-hunter like me to cancel the RS order and picked up the cheaper one instead. I still prefer RS' design, but quality wise they are almost identical.

Things I splurged on are:
  • Floor tiles and accent: Bianco Carrara;
  • Marble vanity countertop;
  • Frameless floor-to-ceiling glass panels and door for the shower stall;
  • Labour to give the bathroom a more custom look.
Things I thrifted on are:
  • Vanity: well it's still not cheap;
  • Bathroom hardware: they are from Rona.
So that's the skinny about our new bedroom and bathroom in the basement. More pictures and updates to come soon.

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