Friday, December 2, 2011

Basement Day 16 - The Good and The Bad

Since I am in general hunky dory, I will start with the Good. The shower stall glass panel was installed, and the bathroom turned out to be exactly as I imagined (uhhmm, designed). Vanity, toilet and all other plumbing fixtures are still yet to go in.


Painting is also done, and I am glad I chose ICI Silver Cloud again.

So now let's get into the Bad, shall we? Remember earlier this week I ranted about my frustration over the flooring? Well, our contractor managed to find the "Grey Oak" through another supplier outside of the GTA. That's good right? Not quite. It turned out this supplier would charge extra 30 cents per sq ft, and guess what our contractor did? They came to ask me to cover the additional $400! I would be totally fine to pay extra for a nicer color or better quality, perhaps even so to pay for our contractor's delinquency (they didn't order the flooring early on). But to pay additional for exactly the same flooring that we were going to get as part of our pre-negotiated package is nuts. A deal is a deal, and in my opinion, our contractor should absorb the extra and get me the "Grey Oak" now that they find new stock.

As you could imagine the conversation wasn't all that pleasant, but at the end, our contractor backed down and bought the "Grey Oak" which was our top choice (and yours too). Perhaps I should get them some Starbucks to make up tomorrow?

This is what the flooring looks like in the basement bedroom. It's gradually making its way to the living area. Bedroom and bathroom are painted in Valspar Polar Star.

So that's my basement adventure today. Hope you all have a nice weekend. We are going to start our furniture hunt tomorrow.

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