Thursday, December 8, 2011

The End Is The Beginning

Well, folks, we could finally put those get-up-at-6-am-to-turn-off-heat-so-that-dust-won't-travel-through-the-house days behind us. Why? Our basement project is a wrap today, woohoo! It's the beginning for me to decorate and furnish the new space. It might still take a few days of cleaning and organizing before I could show you the After pictures, but for now, I will show you our new staircase that leads to the new basement. 

For the basement staircase I used square wood spindles painted in white, different from our ground-floor flight with wrought iron posts. I want it to be less formal and more welcoming: this is the space where family are going to watch movies, drink beer and make a big mess. I think the contrast from the red oak treads in pewter stain and white risers & spindles looks pretty amazing.

Now that this massive project is done, we were able to spend some time tonight and put up the Christmas tree. We've decided the foyer is where the tree belongs this year --wouldn't it feel great to come home to a twinkly and heart-warming Christmas tree?  

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