Monday, December 8, 2014

The Best Faux Fur Throw

These days every designer project and/or home I came across seemed to have a luxe faux fur throw casually lying around somewhere. It would seem like it's a winter decor accessory must-have. I wasn't purposely looking for one, out of the concern that it might shed and that I am super sensitive to lint and dust. I tried out a few in store, but they were either too dark, too light, too fake, with patterns too busy or shedding too much. 

This past weekend we went to Loblaws for our weekly grocery shopping, and I came across this lynx? faux fur throw blanket made by President's Choice. It's 50" x 60" in size, so plush but doesn't shed much if at all. The velboa backing is so soft that I couldn't put it back on the shelf. And when I saw the price tag (a whopping $39!!!), I knew immediately that I had to take it home. I was prepared to pay a lot more than that because the going rate of a faux fur throw of that quality is in the $150-200 range. Believe me, when I say it's a good deal, it is really a good deal (insert the Cameron hand gesture)! 

The President's Choice Home Collection faux fur throw beautifully recreates weight, depth of colour and indulgent softness of natural fur. 

The colour works perfectly with the rest of my living room. 

Are you still reading? Start the car and go get your own! :)

I didn't think the last picture did Boo's cuteness justice so I snapped another photo of this plush replica. It makes me so happy looking at him. 

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