Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Refresh - Part Une

This warm and sunny stretch of weather really awakened my design senses. Tis the season for spring refresh at home. It's time to stow away my favourite faux fur throw to make room for this droolworthy Hermes Avalon blanket.  Mom didn't just get me one but two of them, one in black and the other in orange. I used the black one in my living room. 

I like the monochromatic theme here - the ecru/black Avalon blanket works nicely with the rest of the throw pillows, a happy coincidence. 

Do you have an all-time favourite purse for special occasions? Mine is Chanel's classic flap bag. I am not usually a designer type of girl, but I have a soft spot for Chanel. Everything Chanel sends my heart racing. 

I think I finally figured out how to style my awkwardly long dining table. A large bouquet of silk Hydrangeas in a simple glass vase flanked by a pair of vintage brass lucite candlesticks did the trick. Were you gasping when you saw silk flowers in my home? Yes, I am going faux for this one. 

It's no secret that I am a sucker for pillows. I picked up a pair of these silk velour beauties from one of my favourite pillow shops CC Deux Vie for my master bedroom refresh. More on that to follow. 

Enjoy this beautiful spring weather everyone! 

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