Thursday, May 28, 2015

Flower Talk

I can't believe it's been 10 days since my last blog post. Where did the time go? 

I've been pretty consumed by work lately, but a super fabulous vacation has been planned so there's light at the end of the tunnel for me. 

This past weekend I made a quick trip to a HomeSense store, and found these pretty trinket trays from C.Wonder. I am a big fan of pretty much everything home decor wise C.Wonder carries. I couldn't believe how much they were going for at HomeSense! I felt even better when I saw the original C.Wonder price tags on them. Score! 

I picked up four of them: "Hello Sunshine" is my favourite, with "Je t'aime" comes a close second. 

The best flowers I've ever received from Mr. were those for no special occasion or reason. Just because! Peonies are finally in season, and I intend to have them in my house throughout the entire summer. 

My whole yard smells heavenly with these lilac shrubs. I've been working out of my backyard for the past couple of days - it was as good as a home office could get. 

Lavenders (Hidcote Blue) are ready to bloom, and El Niño is to blame. After a long and harsh winter, it felt like we skipped spring and went straight into summer. Lavenders don't usually bloom until early to mid summer. 

Gold Star Potentilla couldn't hold back either. It'd be interesting to see if they actually bloom all the way to early fall. 

Petunias are popular annuals I picked up every spring. They added colours to my yards while other plants were slowly awakening to the warmer weather. 

Remember my DIY poor man's Hydrangea stakes? Looks like they are holding up nicely. Both Limelight Hydrangea shrubs are now over 6 feet tall. 

One more plant before I wrap up the flower talk - the fuchsia Phalaenopsis orchid I added two weeks ago is now in full bloom. They make me so happy every time I see them. With that, I am going to sign off and get back to the grind to finish off the year end at work. Have a great weekend! 

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