Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dream Neighbourhood

We live in an amazing neighbourhood: quiet, convenient, and where neighbours are actually passionate about making their homes beautiful, inside and out. We have ravine trails and a few parks and parkettes within minutes walk from our house. Access to everyday necessities is steps away. Schools (including a new bilingual school) appear to be one per every other block. We seem to have everything, but is it my dream hood? 

Fresh flowers make me happy, so my ultimate dream neighbourhood needs to have a florist or two: not those floral shops or kiosks inside a grocery store, but the type that sells peonies, ranunculus, and clematis type of pretty florals year-round. 

Anthony loves his steaks so a neighbourhood specialty butcher shop would be nice. We prefer a real butcher shop over meat counters at big box stores because we can get to know the owners, and learn where the meat comes from - it is very important for us to always know the source of our food. 

We do quite a bit of entertaining at home, and I love hosting afternoon tea parties. So my dream neighbourhood should have a decent bakery/patisserie, the type that makes macarons in the colours of a rainbow, and unlimited selections of cupcakes. 

A chic diner that's casual in ambience, but five stars in food & service quality, like the Senator Restaurant. We had dinner there a few weeks before the Once musical, and we loved the food so much. Their carrot cake with cream cheese icing was the best I've ever had in my life - it's that good! So wouldn't it be great if we have something like this in our area where we can dine in our jeans and sneakers, and still get the ultimate gastronomic experience. 

Another thing I can think of to be included in my dream hood would be a Japanese noodle house that offers a large of selections of noodles and soup base. In our neighbourhood, Italian restaurants are a dime a dozen, but Asian noodle house is of scarcity and would be a very cool niche. 

So are you living in your dream neighbourhood? Do you wish to add a few things in order to call it so? Do share your list. 

I leave you today with a few shots of my flower garden. This spring has been pretty warm and dry, so the rain we've been getting was much needed. 

Lavender (hidcote blue) is almost ready for harvest. 

I picked up this pair of vintage style pruning shears just for cutting them. 

Veronica (royal candles) are almost there. 

Lastly, the fuchsia orchid is in full bloom. Orchid flowers are long-lasting, which makes them an easy and inexpensive way to add a pop of colour and freshness to your decor. 

Have a great weekend my friends! 

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