Friday, May 27, 2016

Spring into Summer

Heat wave in May in Toronto? What the what?! That's right. It would appear that we skipped spring and sprung straight into summer. Spring was short-lived this year - a mere ten days of sunny, cool and crisp air, and poof, we woke up to this hot and humid 30 degree Celsius weather. I am not complaining; I just wish Spring would've stayed for a bit longer. 

While the warmer winter, cooler & shorter spring confused the heck of some flowering trees such as Cherry or Lilac, the sudden heat wave has been good for other plants in our yards. 

Like these blue Catmints - they are the more ornamental cousin of Catnips. Smell isn't all that pleasant, but I planted them for that very reason. Its pungent smell can supposedly repel Japanese beetles. So I am hoping these Catmints will do the magic, and stop those suckers from devouring our Linden tree this year. 

Blue Catmints are actually very attractive perennials. 

I've always wanted a Rhododendron, and this year I finally picked up one from PC Garden. In case you haven't visited PC Garden yet, I would urge you to go ASAP. Everything there looks so healthy and lush; and they are all so fairly priced compared to other traditional garden centres. I've started to track the growth of this Roseum Elegans Rhododendron - couldn't wait for those super pretty pink flower clusters to come out. 

Another exciting new addition this year is the LA Dreamin Hydrangea. It claims to issue blue, purple, pink, green and white hydrangeas all in one shrub, regardless of the PH level of the soil! Hello gorgeous, where have you been all my life? 

This is what my LA Dreamin started out as. 

The Red Wine Weigela I planted last fall wasted no time to adorn itself with tens of bell-shaped pink flowers. 

And as usual, my reliable Dwarf Korean Lilac fills my backyard with this heavenly fragrance. 

Have a great weekend my friends! And best of luck to Raptors tonight! #WeTheNorth

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