Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Popcorn Ceiling Removal and A New Chandelier

Popcorn ceiling removal is messy, dusty, and painful to clean up afterwards. There's no other way around it. The stucco company I hired is one of the best in the biz, yet the entire process was still stressful, and at times frustrating. They are probably one of the few to actually mask all the walls and floor with plastic sheets. However, the taping job was sloppy so those sheets constantly dropped which allowed a massive amount of dust to escape into the adjacent rooms. To make it worse, on the sanding day one of the crew opened a window. As you could imagine, air blew dust right back into the house! Next time I will make sure to keep those window crank handles out of sight. 

Did you see the ceiling medallion on the floor in the shot below? Why was it not on the ceiling you wonder? Because the crew only used glue and didn't screw in to secure it to the ceiling, so gravity did its job and the medallion plunged to its death. 

At the end I decided not to install the ceiling medallion. I always wanted ceiling medallions but it turned out I actually liked the clean smooth ceiling better. It's probably not meant to be anyways. Their boss came back the next day to finish the job - it was impeccable, smooth as a baby's bottom. 

So here's the before.

And this is the after with the new Paris Flea Market Chandelier in burnished brass finish. 

These seeded glass beads lend just the right amount of sparkle to the light. It's glamour with restraint. 

Now I can move on to tackle the other two things on my 2016 project list: switching up the coffee table and the draperies. I am eyeing this gold leaf square mirrored number on Wayfair. What do you think? 

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