Thursday, November 10, 2016

New York City in Late October

So far I've been to 40+ countries and 90+ cities, and New York is the type of place that I would never get tired of. I just love this city so much that I totally see myself move down there to live/work for a while. Add that to my bucket list maybe? In late October Hamilton Musical brought us back again, and we spent four amazing days in this greatest city in the world

Picture below: the magical sunset casting a soft golden glow over the entire city, taken from the Top of the Rock. 

Capturing the fleeting sunset moments took a bit of luck. The lighting and colours were changing in a matter of seconds. A couple of minutes too early or too late, the picture would've turned out very differently. We bought timed tickets at 5:25pm to go up to the Rock. I knew I wanted to take pictures in the dusk but I had no idea what time exactly to pick. 5:25pm was the only decent time available with the next slot at 7pm. So it was completely random for us but it turned out to be the best time for photographing the cityscape. The rain the day before helped wash away all the haze and pollution. The clear blue sky acted as a backdrop for a high definition view of the buildings and streets. 

Case in point, a few minutes from the above shot, the sunset turned into a more saturated shade of orange in the picture below, and quickly faded away from there. 

Picture below: aerial view of Central Park from the north corner. 

It rained one out of the four days in late October. I consider that pretty lucky for photo ops. Everything looked so crisp and clear after the rain. 

Picture below: wood stumps at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, with the Statue of Liberty in the distance. 

Picture below: Brooklyn Bridge. Houston, we have a perfect blue sky! 

While in Brooklyn, you have to try out one of the oldest and best pizzerias New York has to offer, Juliana's Pizza. Everything there was done to a perfection, from food, to ambience to service. 

We arrived at 11:45am just in time to beat the lunch crowd. When we finished there was a long lineup outside the restaurant. 

We are the type of travelers who would plan our itinerary down to the minute. But over the years of extensive leisure travelling, we also learned to be flexible. We moved most of our museum/gallery activities to the rainy day and hit up the Met and Guggenheim

Pictures below: sculpture garden inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I am framing this one. 

Picture below: one of the must-sees at the Met, the Washington Crossing the Delaware painting. 

Picture below: Guggenheim. 

Agnes Martin exhibition at the Guggenheim. So much inspiration! 

Picture below: The Mall at the Central Park. 

NYPD substation at the Times Square. 

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