Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tips for Buying Your Next Bathroom Suite

~ This is a guest post ~

From the garden to the attic room, re-designing any area of your home is an exciting prospect. There is one room in particular though that always causes the most concern, because it’s ‘success’, in terms of design, is absolutely reliant on the fixtures and fittings: the bathroom. In today’s post, I’m looking at a few top tips for picking out your next bathroom suite; from what to buy to where to buy it, hopefully, this article should steer you clear of making mistakes.

Measure, and measure again
To avoid missing vital calculations, strip the bathroom clear of anything you don’t want to keep, and then take as many measurements as possible before laying out your ideas. Draw chalk guidelines out on the floor as rough estimates of where the toilet will go, where the bath will go and so on, but remember to allow space for practical use. You may be able to squeeze a toilet in-between a bath and a wall, but put a chair there to see how much space you will actually need; if there’s only enough for a small child, it’s time to re-think.

Quality is essential
You can’t compromise when it comes to the quality of the suite you buy. You might think that the deal you saw yesterday was a bargain, but what’s the brand? Who made the product? What kind of reviews do they have? Look for answers to these questions when you’re shopping for your bathroom suite. If you’ve spent thousands on the rest of your home to make it a warm and welcoming environment, but the toilet leaks or the sink basin chips and cracks, not only could these cause nasty accidents, but they create a bad impression for anyone who comes to call.

Don’t go crazy with colour
No matter what size your bathroom is, keeping it light and bright will always work well. The use of black tiles or dark stone generally only works in very large areas where you won’t feel closed in, so if you want to inject some colour, look at using subtler tones. Go for whites and pebble greys throughout, but include cobalt blue or sea green in the candles, towels and decoration to give it some personality.

Shop around, then showroom
Just because you’re opting for luxury doesn’t mean you have to pay the price for it, providing you know where to look. Shop around online for seasonal discounts and multi-buy deals on high-quality brands, before going and looking in a local showroom to “test out” the product itself, and see how it looks in a bathroom setting. There are plenty of retailers who do this, such as, and it will give you a much more realistic viewpoint in terms of colour, quality and how it will look in your home.

I hope you find this article useful when you come to giving your bathroom a re-design. Do you have any more top tips for readers? Be sure to leave a comment below if so.
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