Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Brita Hard Sided Bottle #worldwaterday

Years ago while in university, I participated in a global economic sustainability study. I gained tremendous appreciation for environmental preservation and how the quality of our natural surroundings impacted the quality of people's life. Clean water, as a basic human right and something we take for granted, can be such a luxury in certain parts of the world. I am religious at recycling, and I rarely, rarely buy bottled water. Instead, I carry a portable Thermos with me just so I could have a sip of cold/hot beverages on the road. When Angie from Devon Consulting approached me to write about Brita's new limited edition water filter bottle, I was beyond excited to be able to participate in this good cause. 
Brita's new hard sided water filter bottle

Brita Canada and have partnered on a sustainability initiative to provide a community in Kenya with clean water, through the build of a borehole (a series of water wells). This particular campaign supports a borehole in Irkaat, Kenya that provides the community of more than 1,800 with access to clean water. 

With each Brita Hard Sided Bottle, you can get 700 ml portable bottle with replaceable water filter. It's NSF certified to reduce Chlorine (taste and odour) and particulate (Class VI). Just ONE Brita Bottle filter can replace up to 300 plastic water bottles. Best part is, with the purchase of every bottle, someone in Kenya will receive a year of clean water. Not only is this a wonderful way to give back, using a Brita to-go water bottle saves hundreds of plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill. 

As the warmer months are upon us and our lives become more active, remember to take a Brita bottle with you. Buying bottled water may be convenient, but drinking from a Brita is the right thing to do. 

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