Monday, April 17, 2017

How to Design a Boutique Master Bedroom

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Do you find yourself falling in love with the bedroom designs of the boutique hotels that you visit while on vacation? Then why not recreate that atmosphere in your own bedroom so you can enjoy it all year long? Check out the tips below so you can design a boutique master bedroom of your own. 

It Starts with Your Bed
Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so dressing it up right will definitely take your overall design to a new level right away. That’s why this is the first step that you should take when you’re redesigning your space. An attractive set of sheets and a luxurious comforter, along with plush pillows, will transform your ordinary bed into one that will be fit for royalty. Check out some of the many Woolrich bedding options to start generating some ideas. 

Choose European Pillows
Speaking of pillows, stick with European pillows, which are used in many boutique hotels because they’re super comfortable and perfect for when you want to lean back without lying down, such as when you’re reading before bed. These pillows are square and big, and they also provide an impact visually, so they’re just as attractive as they are useful. Just be prepared to purchase the special pillowcases that these pillows require. Once they’re on your bed, you won’t regret taking this route, though, as these pillows are really luxurious and totally worth it.

Clean Off Your Bedside Table
Provided that you have the room for one, a bedside table is a useful and attractive addition to any boutique styled master bedroom. Make sure it matches the rest of your design scheme in terms of color and style. Then keep it clean and free of clutter. While an alarm clock is certainly fine, you don’t want to overdo it. Maybe place a bottle of hand lotion on the table that you can use before bed, along with a book or magazine that you’re currently reading and your phone. Remember, less is more. 

Add a Place to Sit
You can also set up an additional seating area in your bedroom, provided that you have the space, of course. This is a great way to make your bedroom feel more like a hotel retreat than an ordinary room that looks like everyone else’s. Choose seating that is comfortable and luxurious, and make sure it matches the rest of the room’s overall vibe. Then place it in a convenient area, not too close to the bed but not too far away, and in a spot that’s out of the way. 

Keep the Lighting Warm
When you walk into the most fabulous hotels, you’ll notice that their lighting is warm and minimal. Sconces and lamps are common, rather than just relying upon harsh overhead lighting. So, when you design your bedroom, be sure to include lamps, and maybe even some sconces, to add some warm and calming lighting to the space. 
By following the easy tips above, you can transform your bedroom into a boutique inspired space that you’ll never want to leave. Have fun with the process and then enjoy the rewards of your efforts.

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