Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cottage Life: Finding The One

We've been searching for a cottage on and off for a few years. Mr. and I both have a very demanding job we are committed to. As much as I love travelling around the globe (43 countries and counting), I often felt they were those I-need-a-vacation-to-recover-from-my-vacation type of trips. Not to say it was always challenging to sync up our schedules when we could both be off. I often imagined us going somewhere reclusive on a Thursday night, doing a bit work, and starting our weekend early during summer months. Or just take off whenever we feel like it, without any planning or buying any plane tickets, and get to a place where we can decompress. We've looked at all the cottage country hot spots but decided they weren't for us, mostly because of the already crowded waterfronts and the impossible cottage traffic. 

Enter Prince Edward County, a consummate cottage country with 35 wineries all within 20 minutes driving radius, a historical town called Picton as pretty but not as bustling as Niagara On the Lake, and numerous antique shops for a vintage collector and design aficionado like me to boot. What really pushed us across the finish line was the traffic, lack of that is. With Highway 407 now extended to 412, we easily cut down 20 minutes of our travel time. It was also a stress-free easy highway drive pretty much all the way. 

The post in the picture above indicates the centre location of our future cottage. Beyond the woods up the ramp lies the lake, a mere 1 minute walk from our front door. The door and a covered porch will be facing the woods - I can't even imagine how stunning the views will be during the fall! 

Maybe like this?
Picture taken during our Bruce Trail hike in the fall 

Or this?

Another reason why I really love about this project is that it's a new build so we can enjoy the cottage life from day one, no dated decors to fix or worse yet damages to repair. The cottage will be built with all the intricate colonial features including exterior sidings and interior window headers and windowsill aprons. 

The exterior sidings will be painted in this peppy pale yellow shade called Woodland Cream. We didn't choose this colour - our lot only came in this finish which was predetermined by the builder. 

(not our cottage, just the same Woodland Cream sidings)

I could so live in a pastel yellow cottage like this! This is indeed my perfect cottage dream come true! 

We expect to take possession in July. Are you surprised I've started the design boards? I am so thrilled to have a blank canvas to work with, a place where I can bring my new design inspirations to life. Unlike my primary residence, my cottage will take on a much more modern style, with quite a bit mid-century Scandinavian influence. Here are the two boards I whipped up so far for my cottage living room and dining room. 

The to-do and shopping list is a mile long but I am super excited. I will be back to blog about anything and everything about our new cottage life. 

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