Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Best Budget Friendly Interior Design Tips

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Interior design always sounds expensive, but when you approach it the right way, you can reduce the costs considerably. The initial idea when being frugal is to see what you already have that you can keep and what should be adjusted, repurposed, or replaced. It not all about remodeling the home, but picking and choosing the areas where a small amount can be stretched a long way to make some interesting design changes.

Here are a few ideas on how to perform some bits of interior design without breaking the bank.

First, Focus on the Entryway/Front Door

Approaching and entering a property for the first time, people initially notice the door and the hallway area. The door should look new, or at least tastefully weathered; if it looks in bad shape, repaint it and replace the door knockers, or think about a new door entirely.

For the entryway/hallway, less is usually more here. The more furniture and unnecessary items placed there, the more cluttered and restrictive it will feel; this especially holds true for slimmer than average hallways where going minimalistic is best (and cheaper too). Add a long mirror strategically to reflect light and makes the space feel larger than it is. Use a slender table to house the essentials, and have a coat rack & shoe rack nearby. The lighting is also important to expand the space, so brighter lights make it more inviting when coming in from the darker exterior.

Be Bold with Paint Colors

When you’re trying to save money, but not on the fun factor, consider using bolder color choices than you usually would try out. You may not be able to afford antique furniture and expensive artwork that will impress the neighbors, so making some bold strokes with colors that complement the existing color scheme in the room makes sense.

While you may be considering the cost of moving to a larger home and could use the website to get some specific numbers, for now, work with what you’ve got. Colors can also be successful in creating instant separation from one part of the living room used for relaxation to a second part used for informal dining, without the need for a dividing wall or other expensive additions.

Bathroom Additions

Perhaps you have a bathroom that’s a few years old but doesn’t need replacing just yet? You’re after something that will add some new elements to the space and distract a little from the mildly dated décor? In which case, we’d suggest some bathroom mats with interesting patterns or colors that bring some zest to the space. Fresh towels in all the colors of the rainbow make even a towel rack look more fun than a couple of weathered-looking ones all the same hue.

If you think the shower rods and the pull around shower curtain aren’t up to scratch, these are the things to put your limited budget towards some tasteful replacements. Beyond that, repainting the bathroom if it’s not too large won’t be pricey to do if you study some YouTube videos and learn to do it properly yourself.

You can probably complete a few of the little interior design projects on spare weekends. None of the tasks should take longer than that. It’s advisable to use the weekdays to study up on How-To information for each task, so you’re prepared for the weekend.
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