Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Vintage Style Rugs

I was in the market for a few pieces of area rugs and runners for home and cottage. While I do appreciate all colours when used in a right way, I gravitate towards neutrals and whites. Case in point, I loved this grey Bokhara rug in my cottage dining room so much that I ordered a much larger one for my home living room. Saturated and vibrant colours add visual interests to a space, when used with restraint and discipline. There is an ocean of choices out there when it comes to area rugs: different materials, pile height, woven techniques, origins, styles, and colours, and the list goes on. 

While I may have been taking my home and cottage for a more modern spin these days, I crave a vintage style rug for a more grounded and "always there" appeal. 

Picture below: vintage style rug Edessa Tribal Medallion Fringe Rug in rust from RugsUSA. I immediately knew this was the one when I first saw it. The rug looks even more stunning in person with different shades of rust, orange and navy hues. 

The best part is, similar to a viscose rug, depending on which way you run your hand over it (i.e. which direction the pile leans over), the rug appears more muted and pastel, see below. 

It's like getting two rugs in awesome is that, right? This has to be my favourite rug purchase to-date. 

RugsUSA has a "See this rug in your room" tool for certain rugs to allow you to play with different perspectives and incorporate a rug into your own space before you buy. I was pretty sure I wanted a navy with pink accent runner rug for my cottage kitchen, so I used this rug to see how it turned out. 

Looks pretty seamless right?

I ended up ordering this runner from Wayfair. 

Does it not remind you of Caitlin Wilson's ever-popular Kismet rug? 

Picture below: Runner rug in situ in my home basement hallway. 

In my guest bathroom. The pinks and oranges are a lot louder than expected. I think I am back to drawing board for a more subtle one. Any suggestions? 

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