Monday, April 16, 2018

DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket Tassels

As you may be aware that I embarked on this Scandinavian journey to decorate the summer home we built last year. Ever since then, my style has taken a more modern and simplistic turn. I almost see different corners of my house a minimalist photography: it's all about giving the subject the attention it deserves, stripping down a scene so that only the most important elements are included in the frame. It's no longer about "more is more" and "go big or go home". Rather, it's all about relaxing my eyes and keeping the palette clean and quiet. Consequently, I broadened my horizon to embrace those stores I wouldn't necessarily shop at before. Hygge styles are all about how you make them. If you haven't shopped at the H&M Home section, I urge you to check out their web site. Each season H&M came up with a themed look. May it be "warm minimalism" or "serene staycation", all of them are modern, at times rustic, Nordic and incredibly lagom and hygge

Case in point, how awesome is this black dipped stoneware vase with handles? The rug is also from H&M, and I got it on sale for a song. It's handwoven and 100% cotton. 

This whimsical hand vase is also from H&M. I have to say I am really impressed by the quality of their products. If you see something you like, buy them right away because they will sell out quickly. But don't panic if they are out of stock online, just check back from time to time to see if they come back (most of the time they do!). You also have the option to buy them in store. Note in Toronto only the H&M store at Dundas Square carries home goods. 

Now onto the Moroccan Wedding Blanket - does it ever go out of style? Believe it or not, this one is also from H&M, a less elaborate version. 

I love it's 100% cotton, and planed to use it in our loft bedroom. Imagine how incredible the bed would look with this blanket on. Below is the design board of my cottage loft bedroom - I actually don't remember which iteration this one was but I called it final :))

I felt the blanket was a bit too beige and needed some enhancement in dimensions. Tassel was a super easy addition, though a bit time-consuming. 

There are numerous tutorials online on how to make DIY tassels, super easy really. 

I started out wanting to do all black but ended up with cream and black tassels. Remember to use cotton yarns as they are less sleek to work with. They also kick up very little lint so no downsides. 

What I did was I cut a small opening of the hem and inserted the top strings of the tassel into the opening. I then sewed up the opening and secured the rest of the strings to the hem. You probably wouldn't even know those tassels were add-ons if I didn't tell you :))

Now I just need this weather to improve so we can open up our cottage. This girl has a long list of projects that need to get did! 

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