Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Get Your Yard Summer Ready

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Summer is fast approaching, and the sunny, warm months are the perfect time to enjoy lazing outside and soaking up the rays. The light evenings mean that you can enjoy being outside for longer, so in preparation, take the time before the hottest months of the year are upon you to pay attention to how your yard has weathered over the winter, and get it ready for the summer months. Make your yard your serene retreat this summer, decide what needs patching up, cleaned, and replanted, and relax in the knowledge that you have a space for relaxation and calm.

The Conservatory
If you already have a conservatory, ensure that it has maintained its structural integrity during blustering winds and heavy rainfall over the winter. If your conservatory is looking a little worse for wear, then get started with the restoration. It might only need a lick of paint and some filler here and there so don’t be afraid to get stuck in and undertake the work yourself.

However, if you currently lack a conservatory and you’re excited by the prospect of having one of your own, you’re not the only one! Conservatories are an economical way of extending your home to provide additional living space and double up as the perfect place to unwind in the heat of a summer day. Compare Companies can help find quotes from reputable companies to get the ball rolling if you’re keen on having a conservatory in time for summer.

Spread Grass Seed
Your carefully tended lawn suffers when the temperatures soar which means that you are often left with patchy brown grass that doesn’t look appealing. Therefore, you need to make sure you’ve laid plenty of grass seed in time for summer. Scatter the seed over the area you want to cover and make sure you give it plenty of water.

Patio and Decking 
A patio is a great space to add a table and chairs ready for BBQ season. If you don’t have one, consider adding paving slabs yourself to one corner of your yard and making a small entertaining area. If you feel happier leaving this job to the professionals, ensure that you contact a building contractor first. Decking serves the same purpose, and it stays warm since it’s crafted from wood. Think about how much time you want to spend sunbathing and relaxing in your yard, and plan appropriately. If you know that you’re going to want to spend your free time outside, then seriously consider getting decking or patio as part of your yard.

Flowers and plants can cheer up any area where you plant them. After all, they bloom vibrantly in the summer, so ensure you’ve planted many of different varieties. If you’re unsure about which to plant, then conduct some research about where and how to give your flowers the best chance of flowering. Flowers and plants will improve the appearance of your yard tenfold and will succeed in making your yard look and smell summer ready.
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