Thursday, April 25, 2019

6 Interior Design Rules You Must Follow

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Every homeowner wants to create a beautiful, functional and inviting property, which will ensure they are bursting with pride each time a guest steps inside.

While interior design should come down to individual taste, there are various key elements you can incorporate that can impact the look and feel of your home.

If you want to elevate your property in 2019, here are six interior design rules you must follow.

1. Pick a Hero
Every room within the home needs a hero piece, which can make a visual impact once a person enters the space. The eye-catching focal point should steal the limelight from other furniture and accessories within your interior design.

Good examples of a hero piece can include:
  • A feature wall
  • Large artwork
  • A stunning rug
  • A fireplace
  • An elegant chandelier

It is worthwhile browsing the market and potentially spending a little extra on your focal point, which will ensure it grabs people’s attention.

2. Mix and Match Your Shapes
If a living room, bedroom or dining room is filled with many square or rectangular shapes, it might be wise to incorporate different forms into your interior to add softness and texture into a room. For example, if you have many right angles and lines, consider including more circular furniture and accessories, such as a round table, mirror or rug.

3. Install Beautiful Flooring
Premium flooring can make a dramatic difference to your interior. For example, quality laminate flooring Charleston SC can add a touch of elegance into a room while elongating a space. Plus, the durable design will ensure it easily withstands heavy foot traffic, so your property can look beautiful year after year.

4. Create the Illusion of Height
Don’t despair if your property has low ceilings. All you need to do is create the illusion of height. For example, purchase low-profile furniture for your living room to make your ceilings appear higher than they are. It might also help to contrast low-profile sofas and coffee tables with a slim, tall bookcase, which will draw the eye towards your ceiling.

You also can effectively fake height by painting your walls, ceiling and skirting boards in the same color, as your guests will be unsure where a wall ends and your ceiling begins.

5. Position Furniture Away from a Wall
Many people make the mistake of placing their furniture up against the wall; however, this is a rookie mistake. Most interior designers will be the first to tell you to position your sofa, bed or bookcase away from a wall, which can break up the space while creating a more welcoming atmosphere.

6. Understand Negative Space
If you love to incorporate bold, bright colors into your décor, you must master negative space like a pro. This means featuring neutral spots across your interior to allow the eye to enjoy some rest. For example, aim to balance vibrant hues with neutral colors to add balance and style into your color palette.
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