Friday, April 5, 2019

Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling a Kitchen

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Remodeling a kitchen improves the value, functionality, comfort and aesthetic appeal of your home. However, when not done right, you may end up spending lots of money on a project that will not fulfill your expectations. Therefore, you should take your time to plan every detail carefully to avoid disappointment. This article highlights some of the key mistakes that people make when remodeling their kitchens and steps you can take to avoid making them yourself.

No Budget
The first mistake people make when renovating their kitchen is getting started without a financial plan. This often leads to under spending or over spending. To avoid this mistake, start by identifying how much you want to put into the project. The general guideline is to set aside 15% to 20% of the value of your home. Once you have a figure, assign an amount for every element in your kitchen including furniture and appliances.  If you don’t assign an amount for each item, some will end up neglected and the result will be an unbalanced kitchen.

Not Paying Attention to Every Detail
Another mistake you should avoid is not paying attention to every detail in your kitchen. Consider anything that affects the aesthetic appeal, functionality, comfort and usability of your kitchen. Ensure everything is laid down in such a way that it works well for you, your family and visitors. Pay close attention to the layout, seating area, storage, lighting, furniture and appliance arrangement, colors, cabinets, open shelves, sinks, lighting, ventilation, electric outlets, flooring, island and every other element in your kitchen. Incorporating functional and stylish countertops will also mean looking into all the details involved.

Making changes when the project is underway will add more costs to your budget. Worse still, you may come to realize some details were overlooked when the project is already complete. Therefore, list everything down and note your expectations for each. Don’t get started on the project until you are fully decided on what you want for the entire space. And when you have considered it all, picture the end result for the entire kitchen. Will it be too crowded? Have you underused the space? Is the functionality okay? Will you have enough storage? Have you incorporated too many designs?

Not Researching When Hiring a Contractor
The outcome of your project is dependent on a number of factors, and a key one is the contractor you choose. Therefore, don’t be in a rush to hire a contractor before you check their qualifications as well as reputation. In most states, contractors are expected to have both a license or certificate and insurance. This should be the starting point for your evaluation. Next, check their gallery to gauge their expertise. And finally, don’t forget to read reviews and check their ratings on the internet. Taking time to review an individual or company before you hire them will save you from a bad outcome. Additionally, when you are dealing with a licensed and insured individual, it will be easier to get compensation in case of an accident.  

No Contract
Your project should begin only when you have a signed contract indicating all the details for the project. A contract is the only tool that you can use against your remodeling contractor in case they fail to honor their end of the bargain. It will also keep you from having disagreements as the project is ongoing. Some of the details that should be included in the contract include payment amount and terms, duration, things to be done, warranty and materials to be used, among others. Ensure that the contract has all the details and don’t hesitate to seek help from a legal expert if some of the terms are not clear.

Buying Furniture and Appliances Last
Another mistake that you should avoid is getting your furniture and appliances last. Decide what you want in advance so that the designer or contractor can take that into account when making the plan. It will be easier to plan for the other spaces when you know the dimensions and color of your appliances. You can order in advance and have them delivered later in case you don’t have enough storage.

Not Thinking About the Future
Kitchen renovation is not something that you do every year, and therefore you should think about the future when you are planning. Some of the ideas that look very trendy today will be outdated in a few years. Therefore, go for designs and materials that will still look good in years to come. Quality matters too when you think about the future. Don’t settle for low quality materials that will begin to chip off before you are ready for your next home renovation project. If you are renovating on a budget, take time to find stores that have affordable but quality materials. You could also buy some second-hand quality items to cut on costs.

Not Getting a 3D Preview
Thanks to advances in technology, homeowners can now view designs in 3D. 3D will give you a better view of what your kitchen will look like when it is done. Many people make the mistake of relying on paper sketches only to realize that the design wasn’t that good when the project is almost done. Therefore, take advantage of technology and get a preview of your kitchen before the contractor gets to work.

Minimal Research on Materials
Finally, when remodeling your kitchen, don’t settle on the first design and material you come across. Compare the durability and strength of different materials before you make a decision. Also, consider factors such as aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. Explore every option in the market before you make a decision.

Avoiding these mistakes when remodeling your kitchen will save you a lot of disappointment and give you value for your money. Most importantly, you will get your dream kitchen. If you are feeling stuck, seek input from your family members, friends or a professional in kitchen remodeling. However, remember to re-evaluate the ideas you get from other people before making a decision to implement them. Don’t implement any idea that you are not comfortable with.
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