Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I am a big sucker for cushions and mirrors. I have over 20 cushions on display throughout the house and at least another 20 stowed away somewhere in storage. I see cushions like purses to women -- who doesn't have a few of them we use on regular basis, and another tens of them sitting somewhere hoping we'd eventually get to them again some day.

Anything with a reflective surface catches my eyes: from silver tray to stainless steel appliances to of course, wall mirrors. I wouldn't crown myself a big sucker if I don't own over 10 large wall mirrors at home, and perhaps another 5 of them lying somewhere in the basement that I don't even remember. Proper positioning of mirrors in a room not only brings light and opens up the space, but also serves as a piece of art. It can be the backdrop of a pretty chandelier, or reflection of greenery outside a window.

I picked up this 24"x32" mirrored frame mirror from...guess where -- Kitchen Stuff Plus! There was only one left throughout the entire franchise, and we drove across the town to the East Mall location to pick it up. But the saving was way worth the drive: I paid $67 for this mirror after a 25% discount coupon. You can also find similar ones at and Union Lighting & Furnishings.

Monaco Mirror with Mirrored Frame 24" x 32"

This picture has nothing to do with mirrors but I thought I'd share something I did that I was proud of. I picked up the BLIK Chandelier Stencil from HomeSense on clearance at $10. I was always skeptical about wall decals and how they may cheapen the overall decor. I picked up this piece for the sake of buying some in the store, and I was surprised by how nicely it turns out. It only took minutes to stick them to the wall, and according to the product description I could peel them off if I need a change. Wall decal is a baby step to test out before I fully commit to wallpaper the entire wall.

On the wall: Black BLIK Chandelier Stencil 29" x 30"
Around the bottom edge of the chairs: I put on the upholstery nail heads and the chairs look so much more sophisticated (at least IMHO).

This one next...

I am waiting for our sideboard (from Christine's Custom Furniture) to arrive in March to buy this mirror. I plan to put in vertically over the sideboard, and flank it with two tall vases and hurricane candle holders. This 24"x43" mirrored frame mirror is available at Union Lighting & Furnishings on sale at $269.

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