Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some good finds.

Having spent over 20K on new furniture for our new house, I was determined to take my time to look for unique yet inexpensive items to furnish the rest of the house. Vintage and restored antique pieces have naturally become my new favorites. I consider myself a traditional person with an open mind, and my taste of furnishings totally reflects my personality. I am always intrigued by classic furniture (e.g. French Provincial style) that has simpler but still elegant details more suitable for today's life. I have been in search for a French Provincial Dresser with Serpentine Front since I watched HGTV's Sarah's House. Sarah Richardson has repeatedly used the same dresser, though in different finishes, in a few different rooms/houses she decorated --- and if Sarah loves it that much, that means I definitely, absolutely, by all means, need to get one for myself. I found a perfect spot in our master bedroom for it...see the pictures below.
Good Find #1
Oval Back Louis XV French Settee/Canapé: I took this piece off a couple's hands at a bargain price of $400! Can you believe it? $400 for a French Settee that's in mint condition. It's at some high-end furniture stores for over $2,000! That's right, if there's a deal to be had, I need to get it!

Good Find #2
The lush down feather cushions are from Vera Couture in Richmond Hill.

Good Find #3
I call this the "Sarah Richardson Dresser". This particular piece was originally made in 1930's in England. It was restored and refinished by a couple specialized in antique restoration in St. Thomas, Ontario. If you'd like to have their contact information please PM me. This dream piece only costs us $400, and Anthony said this would be my early Valentine's Day present.
French Provincial White Dresser with Serpentine Front. The cube knobs are from Lee Valley Tools.
Don't you just love these curves?
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