Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Year 2009 in general was a good year for Anthony and myself, though we ran into patches of rough and stressful times now and then. If you thought I must have stressed out during our entire moving process, you would figure out that was nothing compared to the last day of year 2009, or a few hours before our New Year's Eve dinner party.

It all started in August 2009 when I finally had enough of paying for overly-priced furniture made of MDF and laminate from big name stores. Anthony and I found this niche custom furniture company called Christine's Custom Furniture that has solid mahogany furniture made to their clients' designs, lifestyle, and dimensions to fit their space. We could choose wood stains, fabrics and even subtle detail like how we would like the armrest part of the armchair to finish at. And since this is a family business, Christine and her husband Brian offer impeccable customer service and attention to details. The only downside is that as the furniture is made in a foreign country, and for the nature of its business Christine's doesn't keep inventory, it's subject to supply chain hiccups such as force majeure and delays at customs. As a result, we didn't get our dining set three hours before our dinner party started. Boy wasn't that close! Kudos to Christine's husband Brian for making three delivery trips.

All that aside, the dining set was well worth the wait, and our guests had a fantastic time together. The "chicken shake-n-bake coq au vin" we made for the first time was a big knockout. Here are some pictures:

Foyer finished: now with our long-awaited silver leaf zebra chairs to flank the gold leaf bombe chest.
My Precious: zebra chairs!
Double pedestal table dining set: made of sold mahogany. The table top itself weighs almost 100 lbs.

Upper Hall: I found the silver chair from an antique store and had it restored and reupholstered.
Guest bedroom

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