Thursday, October 21, 2010

Look What I Found at HomeSense!

I randomly walked by the area rug isle, and saw a few ladies flipping through piles and piles of rugs. They threw the rugs around while making not so nice comments on every single piece they looked at. And then they paused on a couple of eye-catching pieces that looked way too familiar to me --- could...could they be the Imperial Trellis rugs? My heart was racing, but I couldn't possibly snatch those rugs from their hands. So I quietly observed those ladies hoping they would drop the rugs just like they did with the others. I grabbed those rugs before they even hit the floor when those ladies decided against them as expected! I refused to believe these rugs were mine until I paid and walked at light speed outside of the HomeSense! I can't tell you how much I heart Schumacher's Imperial Trellis pattern! However, at over $120 per yard just for the fabric and often only available for purchase through special trades, I would never imagine I could own Imperial Trellis rugs, yes, rugS, not just one, but two of them at a ridiculously low price. I am however aware though that this must be some violation of Schumacher's copyright.

Handwoven in chenille, this ivory/taupe/cream Imperial Trellis rug is soft, lush and shimmering under certain lighting.
A close-up look of the pattern.
This is one of the two now at the end of our bed in the master bedroom.
So for those Imperial Trellis pattern lovers, what are you still waiting for? Go buy them before they are all taken!

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