Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pearls, Little Black Dress and Good Bites

Recent Europe travel advisory has scared us into making last minute vacation change from London to DC. Though I've been to DC many times prior for work, the unplanned leisure trip turned out to be fun and relaxing. That goes to prove to an organized freak like me that spontaneity can be a bliss.

DC is a no-brainer for museum and gallery goers, just remember to slip in some changes as donation on our way in or out as most admissions are free.

Strolling in downtown DC and observing street scenes was entertaining:

  • People appear generally happier here than other metropolitans, unlike Hong Kong where smile has to be constantly reminded by street posters (yes, they actually have happy therapy signs everywhere).
  • I doubt you are going to be able to find more women in little black dresses and pearls, and men in suits and ties anywhere else -- a.k.a. DC fashion style.

Restaurants with fancy food are much more available and affordable.

  • Zola is conveniently located next to Spy Museum and I loved their "create-your-own salad".
  • Blue Ridge Grill's (Leesburg VA) lumpy Maryland style crab cakes are to die for.
  • Make sure you leave room for desserts at The Cheesecake Factory. Their vanilla bean cheesecake tastes like ice cream! I used to be a big fan of their Seafood Jambalaya Pasta but was disappointed this time as the flavour turned out quite flat.
  • Ladies with sweet tooth do not want to pass Fro-Zen-Yo, a self-serve frozen yogurt joint with tens of funky flavours.
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