Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Reveal - Kitchen Dining Set

It's funny how tipping point always works: it took me months in search of a perfect dining chair to go with the San Montego round table; yet it took one comment from Janice at Life Begins at Thirty (thank you Janice!) to help lock down my choice. Here I present you the "O" chair from InVu Drapery, upholstered in sateen available in cocoa, bronze (what I picked) and fog. The fog color from the web site can be very misleading since it looks nothing like silver in real thing but a dingy greenish grey. Here are some pictures:

The "O" Chair with Back Cutout in Bronze Sateen
Look how big the "O" cutout is in the back: I felt my ribcage could fit through the hole if I shed another pound or two. :-D
The "O" chair from the back. The chair is nicely constructed with elegant piping wrapped around.
And this is how the kitchen dining set looks like now. They are good-sized chairs and comfortable enough for a long chat over afternoon tea with buds.

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