Monday, August 22, 2011

Home Office Project Update

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am finally posting something "done" instead of putting up another fancy design board to show my "to-do".

So I ordered this Ikat Dot Grey in 100% Cotton Twill from Tonic Living as drapery fabric. This is a very inexpensive yet high impact piece for the home office -- since I've chickened out of a bold-color wall, I will need to add some patterns to the room to avoid the yawn.
And in addition to "something blue" typically as part of my theme, I've also taken up a "something borrowed" this time. Inspired by Lindsay from Aubrey+Lindsay's Little House Blog, I took an Ikea Rast dresser from this:
to this:  
Click on the image to enlarge
I am pretty happy with the outcome considering this is my first-ever Ikea hack. Thank you Lindsay for the idea!

My old bookcases will be gone this weekend so we can finally paint the walls. Tons of new furniture still needs to be ordered, delivered and put together. Fingers crossed that everything will go as planned in the next few weeks.

I hate to finish my post with bad news but I was deeply saddened by Jack Layton's passing. He was Canada's greatest fighter for small guys and yet he lost his own against cancer. There is no other charismatic political leader in sight in the near future, and for that, Canada should mourn. RIP...Jack Layton.
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