Friday, August 5, 2011

Next Project...Home Office

It was a rough day for stock investors when TSX decided to paint the entire market red. US is likely going into a double dip, and maybe it's finally time to abandon the "Keep Calm and Spend More" motto. I've gone through the following phases seeing our portfolios bleed throughout the day:  
At 4pm I decided to move on, and make myself productive by redesigning my home office. Oh btw, I work out of my home office when I don't have client meetings. A sweet gig you might say, to be able to work from home. Very true except that I work 10+ hours a day when I am at home so it's extremely challenging to find the time when I don't need the room (perhaps Christmas?). Anyhow, this refresh project is going to be a slow and painful one (don't they all) and requires some serious project and time management skills.

Here is what I am thinking for my new home office:
(click on image to enlarge)
  • Ikea Expedit bookcase with drawers and doors
  • Sweet William Teal roman shade by Tonic Living
  • Ikea Micke Desk
  • Pottery Barn Harrison task lamp
  • An old bentwood chair
  • Semikolon storage boxes
  • Bella Porte pillows by Tonic Living
  • Ikea Billy bookcase with doors
  • Accent chair and ottoman
Now comes the fun part...picking a paint color (or two)! At the beginning I vowed to myself that I was going to go BOLD and full of DRAMA for my home office, so I picked out this charcoal color by my favourite designer Sarah Richardson in Tarnish. Gutsy, right? Plus it'd look phenomenal with all white furniture.  
A few hours later I started to have second thoughts: what if I don't like it? It'd be a ginormous pain to paint over in a lighter color then. That's when I picked another two much lighter shades in grayish blue: BM Eternity and BM Metropolitan.
So what do you think? High impact but risky move, or timeless and classic in my favourite color spectrum?

Remember to check back on Monday for another fantastic giveaway sponsored by a local furniture company. Have a great weekend everyone.
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