Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cheap and Chic

Spring arrives early this year, and that means it's time to refresh your wardrobe. According to People's Style Watch and numerous other fashion watchers, bold colors and block patterns have made a comeback yet again, and are way more colorful than the crowd at Lady Gaga's concert!

The super nice weather and the recent cruise trip has sent me on an accessory shopping spree, and I am not done yet. This was the first time, after a long time, for me to set foot into the Bay again. Since the Bay is one of my mom's favourite shopping spots, I never saw myself find anything trendy for my age there. And boy, was I wrong? After a series of efforts to revamp its corporate image, the Bay has surely become a more interesting place for people of all ages to shop. Their pricing is also attractive with ongoing promotions and loyalty programs.

Here are my scores so far -- every piece is under $100 so no risk what-so-ever if they go out of style next year.

1. Red coral bangle by Caché.
2. Crystal beads and chains by Caché.
3. White enamel bangle by Garbo at the Bay.
4. Orange and fuchsia enamel bangle by Garbo at the Bay.
5. Turquoise cocktail ring by Express at the Bay.
6. Mother-of-pearl necklace by Joe Fresh.

Have you done any spring shopping yet?

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