Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shoe Closet

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I admire an ensuite dressing room with racks for displaying pretty shoes. However, I am that type of person that will always keep jackets, coats and shoes out of bedroom -- bottomline, if I wear them out of the house, they don't belong in the bedroom closet. As a result, I struggle to find storage space throughout the house for shoes. I don't consider myself having tons of shoes, but they certainly won't fit into one closet. I don't have another closet big enough to include a shoe rack to display all my shoes either. So I always have to move different pairs around by season and occasion, a painful exercise! And because they are spread across a few different closets, out of sight out of mind, I often forget what I have and constantly struggle to find the right pair of shoes to wear.

As part of the spring cleaning, I took out all those spring/summer shoes I still like (donated those I haven't worn for a long time), took pictures of each pair of them, printed the images out in one page, and taped the page to the side of the closet. That way not only could I store and stack my shoes in boxes (so they don't have to display in plain sight) to save space, but also know which pairs are in a certain closet as soon as I open the door.
Picture index of my spring/summer shoes

See the picture card on the side panel?

I've also done similar for boots and other winter shoes. The index card also serves as a reminder not to buy the same shoes twice...oh yes, that happened to me before!

Have you done any spring cleaning? Do you have any similar storage and organizing tips to share?
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