Sunday, May 27, 2012

BlogPodium: Recap and Reflection

I had an amazing time at BlogPodium's "The Business of Blogging" event this past Saturday.
Clockwise from top left: BlogPodium's stylish program guide and note pad; Table setting; BlogPodium's co-founders Jen and Lindsay kicked off the event; Freebie by EQ3; Free paint decks by Para and BM.
The event was a huge success, in my opinion, for the following reasons:
  • I finally met the lovely Jen and Lindsay in person, together with a few other fabulous ladies such as Sundeep, EJ, Britt and Beatrice, etc. Shannon and Janice were MIA so sadly I'd have to catch up with them next time.
  • The venue Arcadian Loft was tastefully decorated. I liked the intimate round table settings -- it felt more like a gala/party then a seminar.
  • The topic "The Business of Blogging" was intriguing. I was surprised to find out many other bloggers started blogging as a means to share their life stories with friends and family outside of the province/country. Though I don't see myself ever getting into the blog advertising world or using my blog to generate income, I found the speaker and panel discussion focused and well prepared.
  • The sponsor welcome by Para was short and sweet -- Thank you Jen and Lindsay for not putting us through vendor brainwashing sessions like some other event organizers would do.
  • The sponsor meet-and-greet had certainly benefited some bloggers who wish to get into the design industry. I personally would like to see more vendor items on display for someone that also wished to shop at the same time. :-)
Overall the event was flawless executed so kudos to Lindsay and Jen for putting together such a thoughtful get-together for GTA bloggers. It shows impeccable project management and event planning skills. In the next BlogPodium, I hope there would be some discussions along the line of "self-made decorators" and "bloggers-turned-decorators". It would be really neat to hear how some DIY bloggers end up taking clients and morphing into an interior designer: 
  • How did they convince clients to hire them?
  • Did they start with their friends and family?
  • Did they do some free work to build up references/word of mouth? Did they take any decorating traininng/classes through Sheridan College or Humber College? Yes that's right...I am seriously considering taking some part-time classes.

I already can't wait for the next BlogPodium event! Well done, Jen and Lindsay!

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