Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Laundry Room Paint Color

I received a coupon for a free can of Para Ultra Hybrid Paint at BlogPodium, and am thinking of using it for our laundry/mud room.

We still have the builder's super flat paint in there since the makeover from over a year ago. The paint color is off white, not ugly but plain. I have always played safe when it comes to paint color, but this time around I am tempted to try something new and bold -- not chartreuse type of bold, but a dark charcoal color maybe?

To recap, this is my laundry room. White cabinets are Ikea Adel. Countertop is Formica's Smoke Quartz in glossy finish.

Here are the paint colors I am tossing around.

This is what the Herringbone looks like in real life, image via Style At Home.

Another image with Herringbone paint, via HGTV.

Which one would you prefer for a laundry room with white cabinets and appliances? Or would you go for a lighter shade to keep the room white overall?

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