Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cheap n Chic: Nautical Coral Decor

I have always been a big fan of nautical decor in a subtle way. You are never going to see key elements like anchors, ropes or ship wheels in my house, but you will spot coral branches, nautilus shells and blue/white wide stripes pop up here and there. Since summer seems to have arrived early this year, I thought I would post a few great finds of coral sculptures. After all, who can get the beach out of their head with gorgeous weather like this, right? Most of these coral branches are natural. The lucite stand/base adds elegance, and gives the nautical theme a more polished spin.

Natural coral branch on a lucite base via Seashell Collection on Etsy, cheap n chic at $24.

This red coral sculpture via Vivre Collection has a Hollywood Regency vibe, and a fabulous price tag of $90.

Pottery Barn carries a lot of nautical decor items. This faux prickly coral is a substantial piece at $99.

Last but not least, this dramatic and one-of-a-kind blue coral sculpture is available at Burke Decor for $245.

With that, I am going to sign off for the rest of the week, and look forward to meeting all of you fabulous peer bloggers at the BlogPodium this Saturday.

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