Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bathroom Wall Tile Patterns

It was perfect timing that Sarah 101's "Refreshed Master Bath" episode was aired this past Tuesday. Just when I was about to bang my head against the wall while overwhelmed with numerous tile pattern options for my upcoming bath reno (yet another one), Sarah came to rescue. I totally dig how she used the mosaic tile on an accent wall.

Before I get to the pattern design I borrowed from Sarah, I will first show you some "skeleton" in my closet...isn't this baby ugly! I can't believe I even paid extra for those tiles three years ago!

Enter the grid...are you dizzy yet?

Now come the options for the tile patterns. It is for the middle section of the C-shape tub enclosure wall. The two wing walls will continue with the same white subway tiles.

Option 1: Waterfall accent: marble mosaics in the middle defined by two Carrara rails. The rest of the wall in 6x12 or 8x16 white subway tiles.

Option 2: Picture frame accent: marble mosaics framed by Carrara rails, surrounded by 6x12 or 8x16 white subway tiles.

Option 3: Wide stripes: I've sort of already ruled this out but I will throw it in the mix anyway. The wide stripes will be running across the three sections of the C-shape enclosure.  

So how would you rank the above three options? Any other suggestions?

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