Friday, June 22, 2012

Vintage Finds

I recently came up with a new idea to display the vintage Franklin Mint Miniature Vases I've been collecting. I like the simplicity of Lucite display stand but don't like the dimension or the price tag of it. The Lucite stadium stand is usually intended for displaying small and precious items like jewelry, and they cost anywhere between $50 to $100 each. I came across this InterDesign Linus Spice Rack at Kitchen Stuf fPlus the other day, and thought it would be perfect as a display stand, and it worked!

It gives me ample shelf space so I can continue to add the miniature vases to my collection.

And the other day as I was browsing online (did I tell you I am a web shopaholic?) I thought this mid-century Pollo Vase designed by Tapio Wirkkala of Rosenthal Studio in Germany looked very familiar to me. I instantaneously rushed down to the basement to this, the identical one I picked up from a vintage shop (don't remember which one) a few months ago I am pretty sure for less than $10! The vase turns out to be a very rare collector piece now going anywhere from $200 to $1,250 in the open market! Oh my gosh!
I loved the organic shape and the form of the vase and that's why I bought it. Little did I know it was a super fantastic score.

So this is our basement built-in shelf based on Ikea Billy bookcase from December 2011. 

And this is the shelf now in June 2012. I've made a conscious decision not to rush to quickly fill it up, so the progress of accessorizing it has been slow.

Have a great weekend!

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