Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bathroom Tile and Vanity Combination

This summer has been great. There is little to do at home and work hasn't been awfully busy. Besides constantly catching up with friends over dinner and outdoor parties, we've managed to piggyback a couple of short leisure trips here and there with our work travel. One thing though that's always on my mind is, and as much as I am still recovering from all the reno fatigues, when can and should I start the main bathroom renovation?

Over a month ago I started contemplating different design ideas of a shared bathroom on our second floor.

This is the first iteration:

This is the one I came up with yesterday:

In the second iteration, I swapped out the dark grey vanity with a white one to test how it goes with dark floor tiles. For the shower enclosure I've decided to go with the Option 1 tile pattern, so with that set, I moved on to select floor tiles as well as deciding on a vanity cabinet color.

Here are a few options I am considering.

Option 1: Rona's Mono Serra 12x24 Porcelain Tile in Basalto + White Vanity. I really like how this tile resembles slate, and was very surprised to see Rona carries a vast selection of ceramic tiles. I've always liked to shop at Rona and found that for the same products their prices are overall better. The only thing I wasn't quite in love with was their web site which offered very little information for shoppers like me who research to death online before going to a store. However, I am pleasantly surprised by Rona's recent changes and additions to their web presence. Not only does the site offer detailed product descriptions, images and prices, it also allows you to check store inventory.

In terms of the vanity, I plan to have this ugly baby spray-painted in BM's Chantilly Lace, similar to what we did in our master bathroom. I've requested a painting quote from Paint It Like New, and they are awesome to work with so far.

Option 2: Rona's Vega Grigio Tile-alike + White Vanity. In this option a lighter-shade of grey tiles will be used but still dark and solid enough to ground the otherwise pretty white space.

Option 3: Bianco Carrara Marble Tile (or Porcelain Lookalike) + Dark Grey Vanity. After using Carrara in both our basement and master bathrooms, I was pretty determined to use a different tile and pattern in this bathroom for a change. With the high traffic I am anticipating, porcelain might be our best bet. Plus how could you say no to a chic dark-grey vanity like in Sarah's Herringbone?

So which one is your favourite? Which one would you choose for a long and narrow bathroom?

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