Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stripe Drapes

We have a spare bedroom on our second floor which we are yet to decorate. Hubs is using it as his home office for the time being when he is not in between airports. It's the first room we see when we get to the second floor, so I've had this itch to turn it into something more eye-pleasing.

I spotted this white and grey wide stripe linen fabric from Fabricland during a clearance sale and I took all the remaining stock. The deal was too good to pass, and I knew I could make good use of it.

And I was right! A few months later after a few hours of measuring and sewing, Mom effortlessly turned the fabric into these dreamy draperies/curtains I've always wanted. Fully-lined linen draperies like these easily go for hundreds of dollars -- I love a beautiful score like this!

This is a more close-up look of the horizontal wide stripe curtains. They are so versatile that they will work nicely with a home office, or another guest bedroom, or maybe even a nursery down the road.

Do you love the wide stripe curtains as much as I do? What's your typical decor jumping off point? I am gradually drawing the conclusion that mine is the fabric.

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