Sunday, October 14, 2012

In The Mail Today: Alanna Cavanagh

This still seems unreal to me, but I just pinched myself and, yep, this is real.

After reading Tim @ Design Maze's blog about the Limited Edition Alanna Cavanagh Linen Tea Towel, I desperately wanted one. I immediately went to the Bay's web site, and it's no surprise that the towel was "Temporarily Out of Stock".

I felt so bummed.

A few days later, I checked the site again, it's still out of stock. I even played with the checkout system but strangely enough, it let me! I added two pieces to the shopping bag, checked out and paid. I was expecting in a day or two I would receive an email saying it's on back order with an expected delivery date a few months or even a year out. But...two days later, this showed up in my mail!


The Limited Edition Alanna Cavanagh Linen Tea Towel by ULSTER WEAVERS from the Bay.

It's such an affordable way to own a piece of art from one of my favourite artists -- Alanna Cavanagh. I first spotted her Big Orange Scissors silk screen print from Wish magazine (anybody still remembers that magazine) back in 2008, and had since fell in love with all her works.

I might steal Tim's ingenious idea to have it framed like this...isn't it fabulous?
Photo Credit: Tim @ Design Maze.

I did order an extra piece, so perhaps a giveaway is in order in light of holiday spirits? Check back soon for updates.

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