Monday, October 8, 2012

Main Bathroom Finishing Touches

I hope the Canadian readers had a great Thanksgiving long weekend. For us this holiday is  typically filled with way too much food so hopefully I have the rest of the week to work it off.

I've always wanted to visit the Belle de Provence at the Bayview Village, and on Saturday a lunch meeting finally took us there. Belle de Provence is one of those boutiques that once you step in, you will never want to leave. It carries a wide range of loveliness from one of my favourite hand soaps of all times -- Campagnie de Provence to another stylish Provencal brand Lothantique to scented candles and kitchen linens.
From top-right corner, clockwise: Belle de Provence boutique; Lothantique collection, Coucke linens (I want them all), Campagnie de Provence collection, store overview.

 I walked out of the store with a set of these Campagnie de Provence's hand soap and body lotion in Pamplemousse or Grapefruit. I love everything about them: the elegant glass bottles (which I look to reusing), the peppy yellow accent on my grey Statuario countertop, the delicious summer grapefruit scent, and above all, how gentle and moisturizing for my hands.

I've chosen yellow as the accent color for my main bathroom -- are you surprised yet? For once I am not using blue, or grey, or pink, but a cheerful shade of yellow, and I can already see, together with grey, how they can be a super couple. Other finishing touches for this bathroom include shower curtain (which should arrive sometime next week), lacquer tray, towels and framed art.

Hope you all have a productive working week, and stay tuned for the final reveal hopefully by the end of the week.
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