Sunday, October 21, 2012

Project Foyer Art: Need Your Help

As major reno projects wind down, I now have more time to look at some finishing touches throughout the house. The first up is our foyer, in particular, the wall rising up along the curved staircase. Other than adding the wainscoting about two years ago, we've pretty much kept the space unchanged since we moved in.

This is what the space looks like now: those tulip prints gotta go; I am seeing too many vertical lines between the wrought iron spindles and lantern; I am also growing tired of the BM Revere Pewter paint above the wainscoting. On the upside, we have lots of natural light coming in our foyer throughout the day.

This is from the bottom of the staircase.
This is the other side of the foyer: some colors on the campaign chest but not much. The entire room is still pretty monochramatic.
In addition to adding colors to the space, my main goal is also to create a not-so-deliberate look -- what's in place shows I was trying too hard and failed.
So here are a few options I am thinking:
1. Add one (and only one) statement piece like this: it can be a colorful abstract painting.

2. Add a few mid-sized framed arts or paintings rising up with the staircase. This is pretty similar to what I have right now, and it still looks deliberate.

3. Add a gallery along the staircase: I love this option but it'd be painful to carry out -- what goes into the gallery and how to lay them out?

4. Or how about nothing on the wall at all? I will probably have the walls paint the same white color as the wainscoting, and maybe add a couple of sconces just like in the picture?
So which one is your favourite? Do you have any other suggestions? PLEASE HELP!
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